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Excellent organisation, exceptional hospitality
With modern infrastructure and a capacity of up to 500 people, the Ilio Mare can meet the demands of any event, whether of a professional or social nature, offering unique hospitality.

The receptions, work meetings, conferences and seminars, celebrations and parties, are organised with consistency and professionalism, by the specialised and experienced event organisation team of the Ilio Mare resort.

Ονειρεμένος γάμος στη Θάσο Στην όμορφη παραλία, στα καλόγουστα εστιατόρια, μέσα στον κήπο με τους φωταγωγημένους καταρράκτες και την τροπική πισίνα, μπορείτε να ζήσετε μία μοναδική γιορτή. Εμπιστευτείτε τη δεξίωση γάμου σας στο Ilio Mare resort. Απολαύστε μοναδικές στιγμές μπροστά...
Excellent organisation, full range of services! The Ilio Mare undertakes the organisation of business and private events, offering hospitality and infrastructure. The specialised event organisation department has the experience which professional tourism requires and demands. Conference facilities with all the...
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